Justine Binwa - Filmmaker

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Justine Binwa was resettled with her family to Missoula, MT.  Through self-documentation, Justine examines her new home and reflects on what it means to be a woman of Africa.  In her short film, the Kuwezesha Wanawake, she shares a message for both men and women.

Kuwezesha Wanawake is an Official Selection at Big Sky Film Festival and is screening Sunday, Feb 25th @ 8:15 pm –MCT Center for the Performing Arts.  Her story is also featured in Renga for the West, screening Tues, Feb 20th at 6:00 pm–MCT Center for the Performing Arts.  Find tickets here



Check out stills and short clips from "Kuwezesha Wanawake" below!