Help us to make the New Neighbors Project happen


We are creating innovative and forward thinking documentary and media that refugees from Iraq, DRC, Ethiopia and Eritrea shoot and direct as they investigate their new physical and emotional realities. These media creations are brought to life through participation in our three-month media production workshop. In addition, we are creating a 40 minute film based on the idea of a "renga", a community-authored poem. This film, titled Renga For The West, weaves together selected refugee-directed short films, which are augmented with observational footage shot by our team, from our own perspectives as Montanans. All proceeds from any of the New Neighbors Project creations returns to the refugee-directors or to their refugee director's co-op, the first of its kind in the USA.

Where your money goes:

A project like this has many built in expenses including:

- camera gear and equipment for our refugee directors
- hard drives and media storage
- post production costs such as editing, color correction, audio mastering
- transportation to and lodging at film festivals
- stipends for translators